GibbsCAM Partners

GibbsCAM Partners

In order to ensure that you have the greatest success in your use of GibbsCAM, we have established and maintains a number of key partnerships. Our partnerships with CAD and CNC vendors ensure complete interoperability with GibbsCAM. Our international network of GibbsCAM Resellers offers the first line of GibbsCAM support and service. Each of these partnerships plays a key role in ensuring that GibbsCAM is able to address your manufacturing needs.

CAD Partners

In today’s market, the majority of the jobs you receive include a part file from a CAD system. Gibbs works with the mainstream PC-based CAD vendors to ensure that GibbsCAM is able to read files from the widest range of systems. In recognition of this on-going investment, GibbsCAM has been certified by CAD vendors as a select CAM product.

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Today’s machine tools and controllers are continually advancing providing more and more capability with which GibbsCAM needs to keep pace. Gibbs maintains a close working relationship with many controller and machine tool vendors to ensure these new capabilities are well supported. With some vendors, Gibbs also offers Gibbs SFP, the on-line counter-part to an off-line seat of GibbsCAM.

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We partner with industry-leading tooling providers to make sure that you have the most current, accurate and relevant information you need.


If you prefer online videos, there are also several solutions that are provided to you, so that you can learn the software at your own pace and review any material that may have you stuck. Also, for your convenience, self-guided training manuals are also available.

Third Party Products

We have partnered with a variety of companies whose products can help you make the most of your GibbsCAM solution. Their products have proven to be, for many users, a valuable extension to an already-powerful GibbsCAM.

Third Party Services

Gibbs recommends these third-party services as an extension of your GibbsCAM package. Each service is tailored for GibbsCAM to provide a customized and comprehensive service that will meet even your toughest needs. From webinar training to user-configurable post processors, you’ll find what your shop is looking for to get that next project done.

Find a Reseller

Around the world, GibbsCAM Resellers are there to help you implement the GibbsCAM solution that is best for you manufacturing needs today and tomorrow. These Resellers provide service and support second to none and are dedicated to ensuring your success with GibbsCAM.

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