GibbsCAM Product Manuals

GibbsCAM Product Manuals can now be ordered from on-line print-on-demand vendor, Lulu (, allowing GibbsCAM users to obtain hardcopy documentation as needed. The catalog of GibbsCAM documentation is updated to stay current with the latest release of GibbsCAM software. Versions of the documentation will also be made available in a wide variety of languages. Pricing for the printed documentation depends on the size of the manual and whether or not it is printed in color or black and white.

"The print-on-demand system for making hardcopy documentation available to our customers is a really cost effective solution for all involved," observed Bill Gibbs, Founder and President of Gibbs and Associates. "By outsourcing this to an on-line publisher we are able to offer customers a wider choice of documentation with improved delivery times. On-line digital documentation for GibbsCAM will continue to be provided to customers as a regular part of the software release."