5-Axis Machining

GibbsCAM 5-Axis Machining

GibbsCAM 5-Axis MultiBlade

5-Axis Speed Zone

This video shows how the user can limit feedrates in predetermined volumetric areas using the GibbsCAM 5 axis option.

5-Axis Porting Overview

GibbsCAM 5-Axis MultiBlade

GibbsCAM 5-Axis Porting

5-Axis Technology - Does It Make Sense for Your Shop? Webinar

5-Axis Technology - Does It Make Sense for Your Shop? Webinar

Mazak Integrex 200-IV Simulation

This video demonstrates GibbsCAM Machine Simulation of a Mazak Integrex 200-IV machine. Machine Simulation renders the complete machine model, and then hides the outer case for easier exposure to the tool motion. Various turning and milling operations are performed on the main spindle, and then the part is transferred to the sub-spindle to complete the machining on the back side of the part.

5-Axis Simultaneous Machining

This clip demonstrates some amazing 5-axis simultaneous machining, performed on Matsuura’s LX and MAM72 Series Machining Centers. You will find that the rhythm and speed is awesome as these Milling Machines cut a variety of parts such as impellers and engine components.

GibbsCAM 5-Axis Machining

Machine simulation of various 5-axis operations split into three view displays. The part is mounted on a fixture which is being machined on a dual rotary 5-axis machine. To distinguish between the operations, each tool is represented in a different color.

Nash Community College Machining Clock for 2012 Capstone Project

This clip demonstrates how the students of MAC-248 class at Nash Community College machined a scale replica of the Julian B. Fenner Memorial Clock. The clock was programmed using GibbsCAM and machined using a Haas VM-3 with 5-axis trunnion, Haas ST-20 Series Turning Center with live tooling and a NCC Robotic Cell Fadal 3016 with 4th axis.

Machining Simultaneous 5-axis Toolpath

This clip demonstrates a milling operation getting performed on a 5-axis trunnion style machine. The part is an impeller that requires the machine to perform 5-axis simultaneous motion

5-Axis Simultaneous Machine Simulation

This clip demonstrates Machine Simulation of a 5-axis simultaneous toolpath. The part is an impeller which is running on a trunnion style 5-axis machine.