CAD Interoperability


This clip demonstrates the ease of usability between GibbsCAM and Autodesk and demonstrates the interoperability between the two programs. The Autodesk user can design and model parts in Autodesk and transfer directly into GibbsCAM to create toolpaths for CNC machining.

Autodesk Inventor to GibbsCAM

SolidWorks to GibbsCAM

This clip demonstrates the interoperability between SolidWorks and GibbsCAM. This demonstration explains how easily the toolpath is created in GibbsCAM, and how easily the part can be modified in SolidWorks, and then transferred back into GibbsCAM. GibbsCAM then recognizes the SolidWorks feature changes and regenerates the toolpath to accommodate for these modifications.

Transferring a Part from SolidWorks into GibbsCAM

This clip demonstrates how easy it is to take a part that already has toolpath, and transfer that part into SolidWorks for modifications. After modifications have been made the part is transferred back to GibbsCAM and the toolpath is updated with the click of a button. For toolpath verification the author is using GibbsCAM Machine Simulation.