High Speed Machining

VoluMill for GibbsCAM

See how VoluMill’s ultra-high performance toolpath (UHPT), now fully integrated into GibbsCAM, can create the fastest, most efficient toolpath possible.

Traditional Pocket Milling vs. VoluMill

Pocket milling with traditional method vs. pocket milling using VoluMill for GibbsCAM. The tool is a 12mm GARANT solid carbide. In traditional milling the cut depth is 4.75mm with a feedrate of 1650mm/min. Compare to VoluMill with a cut depth of 19mm and feedrate of 8450mm/min.

Toolpath Generated with VoluMill

This clip demonstrates the high performance toolpath generated from the GibbsCAM VoluMill module. The VoluMill toolpath produces smooth rounded cutting motion, which means higher feed rates and faster spindle speeds. The VoluMill toolpath generates feed rates that control and maintain a constant load on the cutting tool. This clip demonstrates the selection process of the areas to machine using the Profiler function. The toolpath is then verified using the Tool Simulation function on the simulation palette.

GibbsCAM Plunge Roughing

Simulation of GibbsCAM Plunge Roughing. GibbsCAM´s Plunge Roughing is associative, so when a solid model changes, the toolpath can be updated with one command.

GibbsCAM Plunge Roughing Using VoluMill

Part programmed in GibbsCAM using VoluMill for GibbsCAM and machined on a Mazak VTC800 5-axis machining center at Mazak Sweden´s open house. Tool shown is a 12mm endmill with a 24mm cut depth and a feedrate of 8000mm/min.

Plunge Rough Machining

This is a short clip demonstrating a plunge roughing operation on a part that spans between two vises.

VoluMill Horizontal Machining

This is a short clip demonstrating the fast material removal created by the VoluMill module. In this clip the toolpath feed rates are running at 110 inches per minute.

Toolpath Rendering of VoluMill Operations

This clip demonstrates GibbsCAM simulation of VoluMill roughing toolpath.

GibbsCAM High Speed Machining Webinar

GibbsCAM High Speed Machining Webinar.