Machine Simulation

Machining a Hip Broach on a Willemin 508MT

This clip demonstrates GibbsCAM Machine Simulation in a split view configuration. One view displays an overall visualization of a Willemin 508MT machine while second view demonstrates a close up of the actual machining processes. The majority of the machining to produce this “Hip Broach” is performed by milling operations. The part is finished with a multi-axis milling operation and then touched up with a finish turning operation.

Willemin-Macodel Machine Simulation

This clip was provided by Productec and demonstrates multi-axis cutting to produce a bone screw for the Medical Industry on a Willemin-Macodel Machining Center. GibbsCAM Machine Simulation renders the required operations which include Turning, Milling, and Thread Whirling.

Mori Seiki NT Machine Simulation

GibbsCAM Machine Simulation demonstrated for a Mori Seiki NT machine. OD milling and face operations are performed on the main spindle. The part is then transferred to the sub-spindle where both turning and milling operations are performed.

5-Axis Simultaneous Machine Simulation

This clip demonstrates Machine Simulation of a 5-axis simultaneous toolpath. The part is an impeller which is running on a trunnion style 5-axis machine.

Simulation of MTM with a 3-Flow

This clip demonstrates FlashCPR simulation of a 3 flow Multi-Task Machining process.

Vertical Lathe MTM Simulation

This clip demonstrates GibbsCAM Machine Simulation of Multi Task Machining operations. The toolpath simulation displays synchronized turning and milling operations which are performed on a YouJi VTL-2000ATC-2R Series Vertical Lathe.

Mazak Integrex 200-IV Simulation

This video demonstrates GibbsCAM Machine Simulation of a Mazak Integrex 200-IV machine. Machine Simulation renders the complete machine model, and then hides the outer case for easier exposure to the tool motion. Various turning and milling operations are performed on the main spindle, and then the part is transferred to the sub-spindle to complete the machining on the back side of the part.

GibbsCAM 5-Axis Machining

Machine simulation of various 5-axis operations split into three view displays. The part is mounted on a fixture which is being machined on a dual rotary 5-axis machine. To distinguish between the operations, each tool is represented in a different color.

GibbsCAM Plunge Roughing Using VoluMill

Part programmed in GibbsCAM using VoluMill for GibbsCAM and machined on a Mazak VTC800 5-axis machining center at Mazak Sweden´s open house. Tool shown is a 12mm endmill with a 24mm cut depth and a feedrate of 8000mm/min.