Multi-Task Machining (MTM)


Okuma Multi-Task Machining (MTM)

GibbsCAM Impeller Machining in Mikron

GibbsCAM Impeller Machining in Mikron


This clip demonstrates the use of GibbsCAM to program a complex part on a Mazak Integrex i-300ST.

Preparation for Multi-Task Machining

This clip demonstrates the preparation for setting up for Multi-Task Machining. Demonstration includes tool definition, selection of turning or milling operations, and selection of machine specific auxiliary / utility operations. This demonstration also includes Machine Simulation and producing the post processed code.

Vertical Lathe MTM Simulation

This clip demonstrates GibbsCAM Machine Simulation of Multi Task Machining operations. The toolpath simulation displays synchronized turning and milling operations which are performed on a YouJi VTL-2000ATC-2R Series Vertical Lathe.

Multi-Task Machining on Swiss Machines

A brief look at Thread Whirling in GibbsCAM Machine Simulation software, and Vericut simulation software by CGTech. Preformed on a Citizen C16 Swiss type machine with multiple machining operations on two spindles.

MTM Sub-spindle Transfer on Daewoo Puma MX3000S

This clip demonstrates a Daewoo Puma MX3000S transferring the part from the main spindle to the sub-spindle.

Multi-Task Machining on Mori Seiki NZ Series

Bill Gibbs demonstrates the part and machine simulation process of GibbsCAM Multi-Task Machining. This is Mori Seiki’s NZ series performing simultaneous machining using three turrets on two spindles. The GibbsCAM simulation software offers multiple perspectives of the part while it is being machined, and a detailed view of the machine motion.

Simulation of MTM with a 3-Flow

This clip demonstrates FlashCPR simulation of a 3 flow Multi-Task Machining process.

GibbsCAM MTM Webinar

MTM Webinar: "Higher Profits from Complex Parts of High-Volume Part Production" By Andy Heffner MTM Specialist/Gibbs and Associates