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Software Maintenance: Why You Need It

You might ask, “Why should I purchase maintenance?” In a nutshell, you gain programming capability, efficiency and a competitive edge by keeping your GibbsCAM software current. After all, it may be the most valuable cutting tool you have. Your software needs to stay sharp so your programmers can stay ahead of the competition. The latest technology and improvements we deliver with the software and services of our maintenance program allow you to program better and more efficiently to improve your productivity, profitability, and competitive edge.

GibbsCAM Maintenance Benefits Include:

  • All major GibbsCAM upgrades, including all GibbsCAM software and electronic documentation, are automatically shipped free of charge to Maintenance customers upon release.
  • New features and operational enhancements plus shortcuts, plug-ins, and bug fixes come with each new major or interim release. While all these save you time programming, some features enable you to produce more efficient programs that extend tool life and remove more material faster, yielding huge cycle-time reduction and cost savings at the machine.
  • Priority response to phone and email requests for help, plus unlimited phone support, will help you resolve problems and overcome challenges faster.
  • 10% discount on any new GibbsCAM software options when purchased within three months of the release.
  • Online training and online help becomes readily available and will prove to be highly beneficial when you add new machines, new software modules, or new programmers, while immediate access to user forums will help you learn and share tips, tricks and help.
  • Immediate access to pre-release software. When we make pre-release versions available, you can download these so you don’t need to wait for the release to take advantage of new features and enhancements.

You Gain or Retain Profits by Staying Competitive.

In an environment where it is increasingly difficult to get paid for programming time, the incremental enhancements in maintenance releases give you an edge in competing for jobs.

New Releases Often Include:

  • CAD-interoperability updates and enhancements to increase the amount of part-feature data captured from your CAD system, which will ensure you retain hassle-free compatibility with new releases of the CAD systems that generate your part models and to help you speed up programming.
  • Updates to embedded technology that we incorporate in our software. These updates ensure that you gain the same technological advantage as your competitors.

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