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CUT WHAT YOU SEE - GibbsCAM has full support for Sandvik Coromant CoroMill® tooling

We know how important the right machine tool, CAM System, and tooling can be to production success. We have the world's best tooling expertise and manufacturing know-how. GibbsCAM has full support for Sandvik Coromant CoroMill® tooling.

Doosan DVF 5000 5-Axis Machine
12000 / 18000 r/min high speed spindle
Ø500 mm (19.7 inch) 2-axis tilting table (option : Ø630mm (Ø24.8 inch))
Max. workpiece weight 400kg (881.8 lb)

Clamping :
LANG Technik Makro Grip® 77, 5-Axis Vise (Jaw width 77 mm, Clamping range 0 - 120 mm)

Tooling :
Sandvik Coromant MF80-R063Q22-13M CoroMill™ MF80 face milling cutter (63mm)
Sandvik Coromant 1K334-1600-050-XD 1730 CoroMill™ Dura solid carbide end mill (16mm)
Sandvik Coromant 2P370-1000-PB 1740. CoroMill® Plura solid carbide end mill for High Feed Side milling (10mm)
Sandvik Coromant 1B240-0400-XA 1630 CoroMill™ Plura solid carbide ball nose end mill for Profiling (4mm)

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