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Program all your cutting machines with just one software solution - from simple automatic lathes to complex, multi-channel turn-mill centers and sliding headstock lathes. GibbsCAM pays off! With us…

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Is your machinery working enough for you?

Many companies today invest in high-quality, complex machines, but do not have the know-how to program them in such a way to reach their full potential. However, this is increasingly necessary in order to remain globally competitive.

In particular, if you manufacture geometrically-demanding components in medium to high quantities with multi-channel turn-mill centers (also known as multi-task machines, MTM) and sliding headstock lathes, you need CNC software that offers a great deal of flexibility. One that fully supports the high degree of complexity of the machine and grows with your requirements.

We have the necessary know-how and offer you powerful CNC software that is easy for everyone to use. Allowing even the most complicated parts to be manufactured quickly, precisely and reliably.

A taster: What is possible with GibbsCAM

The GibbsCAM advantages

Use our know-how

  • We have over 30 years' experience in the development of CAM systems for machining.
  • We are a full-service provider.
  • Three training centers in Germany.
  • We offer comprehensive support - from analysis and implementation through to post-processor development.
  • We are part of the Sandvik group.

Produce efficiently, precisely and safely

  • With GibbsCAM you achieve a 75% faster programming speed.
  • Software is easy to learn and intuitive to use.
  • Allows precise machine simulation for the most complex machines.
  • Offers toolpath simulation with collision detection.
  • Interoperability with all common CAD systems.

Get your machinery up to speed

  • One software solution covers all your metal-cutting machines.
  • GibbsCAM supports an unlimited number of axes with any axis orientation Multi-Task Machining (MTM), and PrimeTurning™.
  • You have a proven, error-free library of over 10,000 post-processors at your disposal.
  • Our software has a modular structure and can be expanded as required.

That's why GibbsCAM pays off!

Increase productivity

Increase productivity - GibbsCAM is easy to learn and intuitive to use for everyone in your organization. Fast programming for experienced programmers and quick learning for new users, which results up to 75% faster programming speed. GibbsCAM allows you to exploit the full potential of your machine.

Maximize profits

Maximize profits - Thanks to features such as high-speed machining strategies, precise machine simulation for the most complex machines and toolpath simulation with collision detection, GibbsCAM enables you to achieve greater efficiency, accuracy and reliability in part production. This saves valuable time for testing and checking programs. Your cycle times are reduced, your scrap is minimized, you can deliver more parts, and generate more sales.

Be future-proof

Be future-proof - With the ever-increasing irregularity and complexity of machinery, the demands on programmers and users are also increasing. With GibbsCAM, you are able to program all your cutting machines with just one software solution - regardless of the machine manufacturer, from simple to complex, today and in the future. GibbsCAM simply grows with you by expanding its functionality as required.

What's the catch?

There is no catch! We are the manufacturer, not a reseller of the software, and therefore have completely different ways of adapting to your needs.

From Citizen, DMG Mori and Index to Mazak, Star, Tornos and Willemin, we support all leading machine tool manufacturers. Be it automatic lathes, milling machines, turn-mill centers, multi-spindle machines, complex multi-channel machining centers or sliding headstock lathes - with GibbsCAM you can program any CNC machine. Detailed information can be found in the list of our machine partners.


Product information on the processing technologies in GibbsCAM can be found here:

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GO Swiss

GO Swiss

GO 5-Axis

GO 5-Axis



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RIECO SYSTEM SRL - Special Not Only in Production

I wholeheartedly recommend GibbsCAM to anyone investing in multi-channel turn-mill centers or upgrading their current software. Thanks to GibbsCAM, we are more efficient and can produce parts that we could never produce before.
- Joe Lah, General Manager, Slice Mfg. Studios, Akron, Ohio, USA

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