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PrimeTurning™ enables GibbsCAM to program more efficiently compared to conventional turning

Sandvik Coromant PrimeTurning™ enables GibbsCAM to program the tool in all directions in a much more efficient and productive way compared to conventional turning. The GibbsCAM integration of PrimeTurning™ is verified by Sandvik Coromant, with all of the programming codes, cutting data and techniques to set up proper parameters and variables to achieve maximum output, including the use of dedicated CoroTurn® Prime tools.

Success Factors
Three key attributes of PrimeTurning™ result in increased productivity and long lasting results :
1. Small Entering Angle in the feed direction creates thin and wide chips that spreads the load and heat away from the nose radius.
2. Efficient Edge Utilization - Using the profiling tip and both adjacent edges of the tool distributes the wear and moves heat away from the cutting zone.
3. No Chip Jamming - By turning away from the shoulder, the risk of chip jamming is eliminated.

“We have now extensively tested the PrimeTurningTM cycle in GibbsCAM, and it's really good. The team (at GibbsCAM) have taken an innovative approach and I must say that they've made a tremendous job with the technology implementation."
Åke Nilsson, Global Product Application Manager for Turning tools at Sandvik Coromant AB