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Integrate Offset Data

Quick and easy scanning of the blank position and setting of the offset data before starting machining. Shorter set-up times and optimized processes reduce costs.

On-machine Inspection

Inspect and validate a part in-cycle to correct wear offsets, minimize variation, and recut only where necessary. Reduce machine downtime by providing instant feedback to the operator. Built-in support for the most common probing cycles, such as hole, pocket, corner, and boss inspection.

Integrated Probing Simulation

Protect your probes by simulating probing operations. Easily validate that you are probing the right positions on your part without consuming machine time.

For Any Machine

Milling and turning centers, Mill/turn, MTM, Swiss-style machines, and more, are fully supported. Easily probe with any tool group, against any workpiece. Automatically probe multiple parts for Tombstone Management System setups.

Extensible Solution

If you have specific needs related to your application or would like to integrate with custom probing cycles on your machine, Probing is fully extensible via GibbsCAM macros as well as plugin-based solutions.

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