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Wire EDM

Opticam Wire EDM

Designed to handle the most demanding wire EDM (electrical discharge machining) programs while being easy-to-use, GibbsCAM Wire EDM supports programming 2- through 4-axis CNC wire EDM machines. GibbsCAM Wire EDM is based on the industry-leading Opticam technology from Camtek GmbH and includes post processors and technology data for all major wire EDM machine brands.

Feature Recognition

GibbsCAM Wire EDM can automatically analyze your solid or wireframe part, locating wireable geometries and automatically producing appropriate machining features. Control undercuts, conicity, hole filtering, and other parameters to get exactly the results you need. The results are immediately displayed graphically and conform to model changes in real time. Or, choose faces, edges, and wireframe geometry manually to perform partial cuts and user-defined features.

2-Axis and 4-Axis EDM Machining

Automatically machine ruled and extruded surfaces, tapers, and collars. Perform EDM pocketing in both 2-axis and 4-axis configurations. Partial pocketing combines normal roughing and pocketing to prevent the creation of extra slugs and ensure reliable unattended operation. 4-axis synchronization is completely automatic based on the solid model.

Starting and Stopping

Start holes are selected automatically for best machining conditions, or you may specify them manually to conform to material conditions or other requirements. Gluestop tags or bridges can also be positioned and cut automatically or manually. Lead-on and Lead-off can be configured as straight, angular, arc, or meander, with controlled overtravel. Automatic threading and cutoff of the wire is supported, including diagonal threading.

3D Simulation

In addition to the live-updating workspace display, GibbsCAM Wire EDM includes a full 3D simulation capability to ensure safe toolpath, including display of fixturing and machine heads, taper angle and deflection checks, slug selection and removal, and cutting time calculation.

Technology Database Support

GibbsCAM Wire EDM offers original equipment technology databases for all common manufacturers. Depending on the manufacturer, the user may either access the machine database directly through interface software, import the database from the machine, or be provided with a converted database directly. Supported manufacturers include GF AgieCharmilles, Mitsubishi, Fanuc, Sodick, Makino, ONA, Seibu, Excetek, AccuteX, and Joemars.

Postprocessing and NC Output

The most important part of an NC programming system is the postprocessor, which generates the final NC program that runs on your machine. GibbsCAM Wire EDM is developed in conjunction with leading machine manufacturers and includes a wide variety of high-quality, well-tested postprocessors to generate optimal and efficient NC output for all types of machines.

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