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5-Axis Porting

5-Axis Porting

An addition to GibbsCAM 5-Axis Milling, 5-Axis Porting is optimized to simplify machining ports, manifolds, throttle bodies, and any tubular openings that change shape and curvature from end to end. Its specialized interface uses only the settings needed for porting operations, which makes programming easier and faster. Machining strategies include roughing, rest roughing, and spiral and plunge-along finishing. To control excessive machine motion, 5-Axis Porting uses 3-axis machining as far into the port as possible and then automatically transitions to full 5-axis to allow for maximum tool reach.

It calculates all 5-axis motion for smooth and gouge-free toolpaths. Tool tilting is automatic, at optimal angles, with no need to split surfaces or create tool axis control splines.

Download GibbsCAM Multi-Axis Milling data sheet

It can automatically detect the spine curve through the port and properly align the toolpath. Determin the upper and lower sections of the port automatically, using maximum tool reach, at the midpoint or by a user-specified percent of reach, always ensuring proper toolpath blending between upper and lower sections.

Overall, 5-Axis Porting makes programming easier and faster and generates a cleaner, more efficient toolpath for faster and higher-quality machining.

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