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Tombstone Management System

The Tombstone Management System (TMS) was developed specifically to simplify and streamline the multi-part setup, programming, toolpath verification, and post processing for tombstone machining. Within a single, interactive graphic interface, the TMS dialog provides all the options and flexibility required for CNC programmers to specify and modify machining strategies and generate efficient, error-free G-code ready for your machines.

Download GibbsCAM TMS Datasheet

GibbsCAM TMS provides:

Optimization is typically dependent on grouping similar or identical operations together to minimize tool changes and rotations of the tombstone. TMS lets the programmer:

TMS provides tools for choosing among these options and automatically sorts the toolpath so that it can be verified and tested. Easily correct any problems by returning to the TMS dialog and making the necessary modification.

By enhancing TMS with GibbsCAM Machine Simulation, the programmer can render and dynamically simulate the entire setup including tombstone, parts, fixtures, tools, tool holders, and all moving machine tool components to test for interference, collision, and cycle time. Simulation also tracks X-Y-Z positions to prevent tools from exceeding a machine’s travel limits.

When the programmer is satisfied with the result, a single click in TMS generates a post-processed G-code program for the entire tombstone of parts.

Required: TMS requires 2.5D Solids or SolidSurfacer and a customized post processor to generate the appropriate G-code.

Recommended: While not required, we highly recommend Machine Simulation to visualize TMS output properly.

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