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GO Mill/Turn

Go Mill/Turn

By combining GO Milling and GO Turning, you gain mill/turn capability, with support for X, Y, Z linear axes plus a C or B rotary axis. Fast parametric radial duplication of repetitive operations and of features such as holes, slots, pockets and flats makes quick work of complex mill-turn parts. GO Mill/Turn also supports simultaneous turning on the B-axis.

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Freeform Geometry Creation

Whether you start with imported geometry or need to create your own geometry, the GibbsCAM GO Milling freeform geometry capabilities provide a powerful means to create and edit geometry for machining. The GibbsCAM graphical user interface infers what operations you want to perform based on the selected elements, which dramatically streamlines interactions with the system. Chaining is not required so there is no need to stop the workflow continually to trim and connect geometry.

Choose your level of Milling

Go Milling

2.5-Axis and Simple 3-Axis with Wireframe Milling

GO Solid Milling

2.5-Axis and 5-Axis Positional with Powerful Solid Modeling

GO Pro Milling

3-Axis and 5-Axis Positional with Powerful 3D Modeling

Choose your level of Turning

Go Turning

2-Axis Fulling Functional Wireframe Machining

GO Solid Turning

2-Axis Turning with Powerful Solid Modeling and Simulation

Extend your Capabilities

As your shop grows, or replaces machinery, GibbsCAM helps you grow. Multiple options integrate with the same familiar, intuitive interface allowing you to program any part for efficient machining on any machine.

  • 5-Axis Simultaneous Milling
  • Multi-Blade and Porting
  • Multi-Task Machining (MTM), including Swiss Machining
  • Tombstone Management Systems (TMS)
  • Wire EDM for 2D to 4-Axis
  • On-Machine Probing

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