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多軸 CNC 複合加工機と CAM ソフトウェアへの投資を最大化 [eBook]


The goal of multi-task machining (MTM) is to produce an entire part in a single, uninterrupted, automatic program without stopping to change the setup or tooling manually. MTM enables getting at many sides without re-chucking, a high level of precision, increased productivity, and lights-out machining. Through one machining center and a single setup, shops have reported significant time and cost savings.

To use multi-task machines effectively, you need specialized CAM software to define the tool movement, simulate the operations, and post process the output.

Using multi-task machines with the right CAM software enables shops to reduce cycle time and improve part quality, which leads to increased profitability.

Download the eBook to learn about:

  • The case for multi-task machines
    • Benefits of one machining center
    • Types of multi-task machines (including machine configurations and ancillary devices)
    • Why you might need one
    • Prime candidates for MTM
    • What you can achieve
    • Why you might not be maximizing your MTM investment
  • Efficient NC programming for multi-task machines
    • Common CAM software challenges
    • Top 10 CAM software features checklist
    • CAM software benefits for MTM
    • Proven CAM software solution
  • How to learn more